Stephen ‘Cajun’ Del Bagno Memorial Scholarship

Major Stephen “Cajun” Del Bagno, Thunderbird #4 was killed when his F-16 crashed just 10 days after performing at the 2018 Melbourne Air and Space Show. He was 34 years old. In honor of Cajun, the National Air, Sea and Space Foundation, the organizer of the event, is partnering with the Florida Institute of Technology to create the Stephen “Cajun” Del Bagno Memorial Scholarship.

Every year the “Cajun Scholarship” will go to help a student in need to get his wings and pursue a future in aviation. Cajun started flying when he was just 14 years old and went on to be a corporate pilot, banner tower, skywriter, flight instructor and then joined the Air Force. During his 11 year career as an Air Force pilot he instructed in the F-16 and F-35, then joined the Thunderbirds in the fall of 2017. It is in this spirit of achievement that the Cajun Scholarship has been created to help others to achieve greatness in aviation as Cajun did.

Through the generosity of people like you, a young future aviator will be able to realize his dream and keep the spirit of Cajun alive.  We hope you’ll consider donating